Dr. David Anderson Visits the United Nations & the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting


Dr. David Anderson Visits the United Nations & the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Already on heightened alert because of the week’s activities at the United Nations and the Clinton Global Initiative, security in New York was even tighter following an explosion in the Chelsea area of the city over the weekend. Nevertheless, Dr. Anderson and a small team came into the city to help build bridges of reconciliation and spread the message of Gracism.

The United Nations General Assembly was underway and the City That Never Sleeps was full of citizens of the globe representing their home countries. The 12th and final Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting convened at the Sheraton in New York under the theme, “Partnering for Global Prosperity”. As part of the social media press, Dr. David Anderson and his team spent time at the UN Sustainable Development Goals Media Zone, listening to presentations on climate change, ending hunger and malnutrition, and improved healthcare. The first three of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well Being) dovetail seamlessly into the ministry year theme for Bridgeway Community Church, “H.U.G. Prosperity”.

One particularly compelling presentation was that of Lucky Iron Fish. Iron deficiency is a growing problem in much of the world, but one that can be solved relatively easily. Low iron can lead to weakness, impaired cognitive ability, increased risk of illness, and even death – and as many as 50% of the population are at risk. The Lucky Iron Fish is a small fish-shaped piece of iron that, when boiled in a pot used for cooking meals, provides up to 90% of the daily recommended iron intake. When people purchase a Lucky Iron Fish, another Lucky Iron Fish is sent to a needy family somewhere in the world.

Later in the visit Dr. Anderson attended an event hosted by Ruma Bose and Matthew Bishop, The Economist US Business Editor and New York Bureau Chief, and a sought after expert on philanthropy. In attendance was Jonathan Bennison, Director of Government Relations for House of Genius. House of Genius brings together entrepreneurs and a diverse mix of collaborators from the community for an evening each month of disruptive thinking, supportive input, and creative new ideas. Following Dr. Anderson’s seminar to help entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground, this was a fortuitous encounter. “We exist to help small business grow by helping them collaborate with seasoned business owners,” said Bennison. “Everyone checks their egos at the door and leaves business cards at home and just spends an evening talking and connecting.” Bennison anticipates a House of Genius in the Baltimore/Washington area very soon. This could prove to be a great resource for up and coming entrepreneurs at Bridgeway Community Church.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa was front and center at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, as well. Dr. Anderson and his team met with leaders of Non-governmental Organizations (NGO) working to educate the population of Sub-Saharan Africa on HIV/AIDS prevention as well as debunking myths that are counterproductive in the spread of the disease. The needs for diversity in the corporate world was a hot topic, as well.

Dr. Anderson met with leaders of companies across different industries who were eager to change the complexion of the staffs and boardrooms, and create cultures more reflective of the areas and customers they serve.

Dr. Anderson described his trip as fruitful and helped to plant seeds that will hopefully grow into mutually beneficial relationships for Bridgeway and all involved.