Preparing for the Verdict


By Gracism Global
November 23, 2021

At 11:53 am, November 23, 2021, the jury in the trial for the killing of Ahmaud Arbery entered deliberations to determine their verdict on the nine criminal counts that Gregory McMichael, Travis McMichael, and William Bryan face.

With little certainty for how the jury will settle in their findings for these men, many people are feeling an all too familiar sense of fear at whether or not any semblance of justice will be served in holding these men accountable for taking the life of Ahmaud Arbery.

Whether the verdict offers a sense of relief, outrage, or some other expression of how you are internalizing the judgement, you should not have to process that kind of overwhelm alone.

Making ready your support system now will give you the community strength you will need in this time of intense overwhelm.

Six Ways to Make Ready Your Support System

1) Reach out to 3-5 people today

A simple message right now to a few people you can trust to tell them that you are feeling the weight of the impending verdict can lay a foundation of support that will prove valuable as you need it

2) Take the risk to tell them how you’re feeling

Fear, dread, worry, and anxiety are difficult feelings to communicate for a number of reasons, but actually expressing the way you have been internalizing this trial and the impending verdict now will pay off in the long run

3) Include at least one person who is of a different background than you in your support system

Even in the midst of your own processing with those that are like you, you can keep your bridge building intention clear from the start

4) React in your close circle before you respond to the world

Whenever you get the news of the verdict announcement, and as you process it for yourself, the first people that should hear how you’re doing is not your entire social media friend list, but it is the support system you have prepared. They will be able to offer you the care and support you need before you face the often polarized and venomous world of social media and the streets.

5) Go to God in prayer as the ultimate reconciler of justice and peace

The God of peace will give it to you for the asking. God is in control of all matters of justice. Settling your spirit to be in agreement with this truth will help center your heart and mind. Ask the Lord how He would want you to respond.

6) Sign and Share the Gracism Creed Now

The Gracism Creed for Racial Healing is your commitment to respond and bring godly repair and reconciliation in a “gracist” manner to racial ills in society, while still fighting for justice or against injustice

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