Real Talk with
Dr. David Anderson

Real Talk

Wherever there is a divide, Dr. David Anderson seeks to build a bridge through relevant and intelligent conversation. His insight, vision, and passion have made him a widely sought speaker, writer, and consultant. Today he has over 365,000 weekly followers.

Anderson hosts RealTalk with Dr. David Anderson on WAVA 105.1fm in the Washington, DC, area,the most listened to Christian talk station on the east coast and the 2nd most listened to in the nation. Dr. Anderson creates a safe, uncommon platform to dialog with his followers and give them guidance and leadership on how to be a “Gracist” (extending positive favor on other humans based on color, class or culture) and build bridges of unity and reconciliation.


RealTalk with Dr. David Anderson’s lineup and schedule is as follows:

Weekly at 3pm on WAVA 105.1 or Facebook and Youtube Live.